Why you should consider opening a holiday park on your farmland

Adding a new business activity to your farmland takes a lot of consideration as you must plan carefully for the decision that will come to shape the future of your livelihood, and security for your business in years to come. Results from the Farm Business Survey 2015/16 reveal that 62% of farms have some form of diversified activity and this figure has been increasing steadily over the years previous. If you are thinking of diversifying, or are looking at ways to boost your farming business, there are many options open to you so why should you consider opening a holiday park on your farmland?


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Five reasons now is the time for farm owners to diversify into tourism

Agritourism (tourism on farms where guests can experience rural life) is becoming big news with more and more farmers adapting their enterprises and diversifying to generate more income. A well-planned and researched project can be a great success when orientated at the right markets and is an attractive business opportunity that allows farmers to diversify farm revenues. If you already have farm diversification ideas in mind, here are five reasons to explain why there is no better time for you to dive in than the present.

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Are holiday lodges the best low-risk investments?

If you are looking to invest a tidy sum of money into an asset, there are many options open to you. As manufacturers of luxury lodges, we are often asked whether a holiday lodge makes one of the best low risk investments so we thought it was a good time to summarise our thoughts to share.

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How the right lodge can add value to your holiday park

Holiday park owners who are on the look out for ways to improve their offering may find that they are faced with lots of choice these days. When it comes to holiday lodges though, it’s absolutely worth shopping around so you can be sure to make the right selection to benefit your holiday park. If you weren’t entirely clear on why this is the case, you will be after reading this article.

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